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ACP Works

ACP Fabrication work. except, we provide other offerings including Aluminium false Ceiling, Elevation, Glass work, S.S. paintings, M.S. paintings for the specific wishes and requirements thru a residence of groups of related specialists and specialists.

Aluminiuam Elevation

The ACP Elevation are on the whole utilized in malls, multiplexes, company places of work and buying complexes. Fabricated the use of aluminum composite panels and brackets, those elevations ensures that the frames established continue to be solid beneath ordinary masses.

Bathroom and Restroom

Tempered glass, additionally referred to as warmth-bolstered glass, is a type of safety glass that is pre-cut and drilled as trendy glass earlier than present process a tempering method that heats the glass to about 700 tiers Celsius (or 1300 F) before a length of cooling to attain the favored material qualities.


a pitcher cover gives an attractive and realistic function to a constructing. commonly positioned outdoor entrance doorways a canopy protects humans coming into the building, continues the weather away from the doorways and allows natural light via to the doorway place.

Clamping & Glazing

A clamp is a fastening device used to preserve or at ease gadgets tightly together to save you movement or separation via the utility of inward pressure. ... A bodily clamp of this type is likewise used to consult an obscure funding banking time period; significantly "fund clamps."

Glass Partition

Glass doors in places of work create an ecosystem of area, brightness and transparency. Glass for workplace doorways is the suitable material for a proper surroundings. based totally on the indoors d├ęcor of the workplace, the selection of glass can be made between traditional or modern-day.

Movable Glass Wall

The internal skeleton of the movable glass wall machine includes a sequence of lifting mechanisms or pantographs which can be made from structural grade aluminum and metal.

Patch Fitting

Patch Fittings, such as a big range of basic sorts and versions, allows thought of glass assemblies that match your thoughts of functionality.Patch Fittings now not handiest makes the glass assemblies appearance.


Sliding home windows, a method also known as windowing, is utilized by the net's Transmission control Protocol (TCP) as a method of controlling the drift of packets among two computers or network hosts.

Spider Fitting

Spider Fittings may be used with our BermanGlass and VividGlass lines. Designed for mounting glass to walls, posts, and different structural substrates with minimal seen connections. Holes need to be drilled within the glass for meeting.